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MKMMA – Week 22

     I thought the timing was interesting for The Master Key part 22 to be all about health and creating desirable conditions in our bodies when my wife had been flat down in bed for six straight days.  Playing Mr. Mom or at least the added responsibilities always taxes me but helps me appreciate her more at the same time.  My red circle is “self-improvement”/holiness/health and I found myself using the knowledge of meditation, repetition, and positive thinking to keep my health inspite of the flu cycling through the family.  For me this is all about making and taking the time to use the knowledge and skills of MKMMA.  Sadly, even with what I now know from experience, I still allow some trivial things of the world to distract me or fill my time so that I don’t create all that I could and should.

     I had another eye opening experience last night.  My son and I went to the Utah 5A basketball tournament last night to watch the local high school play.  Towards the end of the game a very talented player from the other team fouled out and headed to the bench.  He had a fantastic game in which he had helped his team almost upset our highly favored team.  The high school crowd started chanting, and basically mocking him, with the typical, “na, na, na, na, . . . goodbye”.  My recent kindness training immediately had me thinking how different we should act.  Certainly good sportsmanship should have been in order and a well desrved congradulatory cheer appropriate for what he had accomplished.  We have so many chances to change the world.  I hope I at least influenced my son with a frank discussion in the moment.  Kindness!!


MKMMA – Week 21

My father came to us this past week and shocked us all by telling us that it was past time for him to go into a care facility.  His cancer has spread into his bones and now he has become very weak and feeble.  He has also become incontinent and has also lost most of his taste buds.  Since food has little taste he is losing all desire to eat and his diet or lack thereof causes a vicious cycle of solid and loose bowels.  His care has rapidly surpassed our capabilities at home and he is obviously aware of it, and thus his request.  Life is sometimes a very interesting cycle as we go from child to parent of the parent.  I know it is really hard for him to have that care have to come from family.  He is anxious to have those who have chosen that line of work and are nuetral, so to speak, take over that kind of care.  Of course , at the same time he wants and needs the relationships with family to stay consistent and strong.  It’s a new stage of life for all of us involved, and one that I am hopeful can be positive and still full of growth.  I also know that many of the negative feelings we have been looking at this week in MKMMA can surface so I hope that I can use them as tools in these new circumstances.  I’m grateful for the preparation in my personal life that has come from my MKMMA experience that has preceeded challenges and helped me handle those challenges in a more positive way.

MKMMA – Week 20

This week in my classes I drew several goal posts and represented them being moved.  I also drew one so high that it couldn’t be reached.  We had a great discussion about enjoying the journey and finding happiness all along the way.  We need to recognize our accomplishments and allow ourselves to be happy.  I was glad I had the opportunity to teach the principle because I need it to sink in even more in my own life.  I have been just too monotone in my emotions, never really allowing myself too experience the happiness I should.  I loved the “I AM” video.  When my heart is not allowed to experience the happiness and joy available then the love and energy emitted is limited and I limit the power of attraction possible.  I also reviewed the “TED” video on happiness several more times.  First, I think I would like to be able to talk that fast.  Second, in both videos I was intrigued by the scientific proof now discovered and available to support how the brain, our thought, can be “reprogrammed”.  The heart can increase in feelings of joy and love.  The work necessary requires change and sacrifice.  I have felt the truth of these principles and yet still have to wonder why I let distractions keep me from total commitment.  I do know that I must allow my self to recognize and enjoy progress I do make and have made.  It is significant and I know the happiness from that recognition will help motivate me to greater heights.

MKMMA – Week 19

We returned from our Arizona wilderness trip on Sunday and I was so looking forward to a “normal” week where I could regain my consistency in MKMMA.  I readily admit that while in the wilderness with my son I had to focus on him and his program but it did leave me very anxious to get back my proven habits.  I was forced to put into practice manifesting health due to the head cold and sore throat I picked up in the cold mountain air.  I repeated the two phrases, “I am healthy” and “I have perfect health”, twenty-five to thirty times out loud, with emotion and enthusiasm, several times a day for two days, and my health was completely restored.  My wife and I reviewed the “Ted” video and recommitted to the minimum 21 days straight with those five principles.  I am really going to have to emphasize the exercise part I found out while trying to hike the Arizona back country.  It has also been fun to have it be Valentines week.  I’m coming up on 34 years with my sweetheart and feel like it just gets better and better.  We have an eternal perspective with our marraige relationship so we’re working on making it better all of the time.  We had fun with Olive Garden and a movie on Thursday night to avoid the crowds.  I am finding my life being blessed daily by the knowledge and habits of MKMMA!!  Thanks for those of you still posting and encouraging.

MKMMA – Week 18

I have been in the wilderness this week with my 16 year old son and still have a crazy schedule of classes for two days so I am taking just a minute to post and let everyone following or reading this blog that I will be able to fill in some details next week.  My son is really doing great and we have lots of hope of healing relationships too.


I went back through my DMP this week desire by desire and goal by goal to determine what I might be holding on to that is keeping me from realizing all of that DMP.  What part of that DMP am I not manifesting?  What part is my subconscious blocking and not moving on to the new blueprint.  I needed to consciously recognize  this in order to no where to focus some extra work.  Through meditation and being still the answers came and it became obvious where my blueprint was still in the old realm.  It will take some concentrated effort now to change that old belief that is stuck but I have the tools and I am actually anxious to watch the progress and even the timing of it all.  Something I can somewhat measure.  I’m taking the challenge by Mark to get all in or get out so I’m giving myself permission to change.  Loving the growth.

MKMMA – Week 17

My wrist seems to be healing fairly fast from the carpal tunnel surgery last week.  I removed the big rap bandage that was going all around my wrist and hand and replaced it with a bandaid.  It has definite increased my mobility.  If you want to experience how it affects your routine, try showering with one hand while trying to make sure that you don’t get the other one wet.  I appreciate having both of my arms and hands much more this week.  I really can’t even comprehend how our son feels that has no arms or legs.  I’m sure that being born that way and growing up without them forced him to adapt in ways that most of us can’t even imagine.  He is 15 yrs. old now and I am even continually amazed at everything he does and his positive attitude.  I’m still so busy remodeling and painting this house that I get a little discouraged with my MKMMA pace.  I don’t have to worry about the week 17 lull Mark talked about because I am so anxious to get up to the expected pace that my commitment is really just coming alive to where it should be.  Some of the anticipated progress Mark refers to may be slightly delayed but I am still confident I can accomplish what I hope.  I have been doing enough to be experiencing some pretty good results and I’m still excited about the journey.  This past week my MKMMA partner and I were masterminding a possible business idea and we needed some expertise.  The name of someone we knew came up but he lives in Florida and we’re in Utah. I made contact that weekend and , what do you know, he was headed to Utah the next day for a wedding.  He stayed for a week and we were able to meet with him and get some very valuable advice.  Talk about manifesting what we needed with perfect timing!  I’ll be forever grateful to Mark and Davine and staff for providing a vehicle to get me to focus on principles I already knew were true but had failed to implement in my life.  Really now there are no limits other than the ones I create.  Thanks for the alliance.  It has literally pulled me along through this challenging time.